February 2013

Pre-On-Sale opportunity for YU members

Yankees Universe members will have a special opportunity to participate in the Individual Game Ticket Pre-On-Sale beginning at 2 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 26, through 10 p.m. Sunday, March 3. It is a chance to purchase tickets for designated regular-season games at Yankee Stadium before they go on sale to the general public, subject to availability.

When purchasing tickets you will be required to enter a predetermined password for each game. Please make certain that you enter your password as it appears, as the password is case sensitive. The password can only be used beginning at your designated Pre-On-Sale time. If you have any questions regarding your predetermined password, please call 212-YANKEES. Click the Buy Tickets link and enter the password you received in the e-mail.

TICKET LIMITATIONS: Only a limited number of tickets (as determined by the Yankees in their sole and absolute discretion) will be made available during the Pre-On-Sale. All Pre-On-Sale purchases will be further limited to a maximum of 19 tickets per password to each potential game at the Stadium during the 2013 regular season. Pre-On-Sale purchases exceeding the ticket purchase limits will be canceled without contact from Ticketmaster or the Yankees.

To complete a transaction, you will be required to either create a new Ticketmaster account or login using your “My Ticketmaster” account. If you already have a “My Ticketmaster” account, please use your existing “My Ticketmaster” account and associated e-mail address and password to login. If you are not sure of your “My Ticketmaster” account login and password, please contact Ticketmaster or follow the Ticketmaster online instructions for “Forgot Password.”

The Yankees recommend that you have a Ticketmaster account and Ticketmaster password before you attempt to purchase the limited number of tickets available during the Pre-On-Sale. Please be advised that your “My Ticketmaster” account is different from your “My Yankees Account.” Your “My Ticketmaster” password is different from the password you receive to participate in the Pre-On-Sale and your password to login to your “My Yankees Account.”

For guests with visual impairments, if you have any difficulties navigating the Pre-On-Sale purchasing process via ticketmaster.com, please contact the Yankees’ Office of Disabled Services at 718-579-4510 or 718-579-4595 (TTY).

NOTICE: For the safety of every guest, all persons specifically consent to and are subject to metal detector and physical pat-down inspections prior to entry. Any person or property that could affect the safety of Yankee Stadium, its occupants or its property shall be denied entry. Guests may bring into the Stadium one soft-sided bag no larger than 16 inches by 16 inches by 8 inches.

WARNING: During all batting practices, fielding practices, warm-ups and the course of all baseball games and the baseball game experience, hard hit baseballs and bats and fragments thereof may be thrown or hit into the stands, concourses and concessions areas. All guests must stay alert and be aware of their surroundings at all times while visiting the Stadium. Accordingly, guests who are concerned with their seat location should contact any Guest Relations representative for an alternate location.

NOTICE: The Yankees reserve the right, with or without refunding any amount paid by the ticket holder, to refuse admission to and/or eject any person who: (a) is or appears to be impaired; (b) deliberately conceals alcohol or illegal substances while attempting to enter Yankee Stadium; (c) uses foul or abusive language; or (d) wears or fails to cover obscene or indecent clothing. Ticket holders acknowledge and agree that the Yankees’ ban on foul/abusive language and obscene/indecent clothing does not violate their right to free speech and/or expression and that such time, place and manner of the restrictions are reasonable to ensure the safety of all guests and event participants and to preserve the enjoyment of the game or event for all guests. Ticket holders further acknowledge and agree that by entering the Stadium, they hereby consent to the ban on foul/abusive language and obscene/indecent clothing and waive, to the fullest extent they may legally and effectively do so, any objection they may now or hereafter have to such ban and the penalties that the Yankees may impose for any violation of the same.