Happy Cinco de Mayo

Sunday is Cinco de Mayo. The Yankees have had 12 Mexican-born players in franchise history – six position player and six pitchers – but none on the current active roster. The only Mexican-born player on the current 40-man Yankees roster is pitcher Manny Banuelos, who was born in Durango.

The most recent Mexican-born player with the Yankees was utility infielder Ramiro Pena, who played in 180 games for the Yanks from 2009-12. Pena is now with the Braves and is hitting .300, no less. The Yankees’ first Mexican-born player was also an infielder, shortstop Ruben Amaro, who was with the club from 1966-68. He is the father of current Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro Jr.

Other position players with the Yankees have been infielders Celerino Sanchez (1972-73), Aurelio Rodriguez (1980-81) and Carlos Rodriguez (1991) and outfielder Karim Garcia (2002-03). Garcia leads the Yankees with a .301 career batting average and six home runs in 156 at-bats. Among Mexican-born pitchers, righthander Alfredo Aceves is the franchise’s all-time leader in victories with a 14-1 (.933) career record with the Yanks from 2008-10. Other Mexican-born Yankees pitchers were lefthander Alfonso Pulido (1986), and righthanders Juan Acevedo (2003), Antonio Osuna (2003), Esteban Loaiza (2004) and Luis Ayala (2011).

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