Jeter working out at Stadium

There was a familiar face back in the clubhouse and on the field at Yankee Stadium Saturday, none other than the Captain himself. Derek Jeter took ground balls at his old shortstop position during batting practice prior to Saturday’s Yankees-Rays game.

Jeter has shifted his injury- rehabilitation program from Tampa where he has a year-round home to the Bronx where he can be back among his teammates. Although he was always antsy when he had to be on the bench during games, Jeter now longs for the connection with his team. DJ is recovering from off-season left ankle surgery and had a setback earlier this season when a crack was found in another area of the ankle.

“Everything has been going as good as it can go up to this point,” Jeter told the New York Daily News. “So now it’s just a progression. Everything is moving in the right direction.”

The Yankees have used four different players at shortstop this season – Eduardo Nunez, Jayson Nix, Alberto Gonzalez and recently-released Reid Brignac. Nunez is also on the 60-day disabled list with Jeter and has been since May 6 due to a left oblique strain. Nix, originally a utility man, is currently the regular shortstop.

Think the Yankees don’t miss the Captain? According to, Yankees shortstops entered play Saturday batting a combined .207 with eight doubles, two triples, one home run and 16 RBI in 251 at-bats.

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