YU members eligible for postseason Pre-on-sale

Yankees Universe members will be permitted to purchase subject to availability a maximum number of eight tickets to each potential game to be played at Yankee Stadium during the 2013 American League postseason: the Wild Card Game, the Division Series and the League Championship Series.

When purchasing tickets you will be required to enter a predetermined password for each game for which you would like to purchase tickets. Please make certain that you enter your password as it appears, as the password is case sensitive. The password can only be used beginning at your designated Pre-on-sale time. If you have any questions regarding your predetermined password, please call (212) YANKEES.

The purchase opportunity begins at 4 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 19, and ends at 10 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 22. Click the “Buy Tickets Thursday at 4 PM ET” link you received in the e-mail and click the T next to the game you want to attend on the page.

To complete a transaction, you will be required to either create a new Ticketmaster account or login using your “My Ticketmaster” account. If you already have a “My Ticketmaster” account, please use your existing “My Ticketmaster” account and associated e-mail address and password to login. If you are not sure of your “My Ticketmaster” account login and password, please contact Ticketmaster or follow the Ticketmaster online instructions for “Forgot Password.”

The Yankees recommend that you have a Ticketmaster account and Ticketmaster password before you attempt to purchase the limited number of tickets available during the Pre-on-sale. Please be advised that your “My Ticketmaster’ account is different from your “My Yankees Account.” Your “My Ticketmaster” password is different from the password you receive to participate in the Pre-on-sale and your password to login to your “My Yankees Account.”

For guests with visual impairments who may have difficulties navigating the Pre-on-sale purchasing process via ticketmaster.com, please contact the Yankees’ Office of Disabled Services at (718) 579-4510 (voice) or (718) 579-4595 (TTY).

All ticket purchases are subject to availability as determined by the Yankees in their sole and absolute discretion at the time of purchase. Orders exceeding the assigned respective ticket limits will be canceled without contact from Ticketmaster or the Yankees.

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