Yanks to honor Wolff’s 75 years as a broadcaster

Bob Wolff’s status as the Guinness World Records holder for the longest career as a broadcaster will be certified in a special pregame ceremony Thursday at Yankee Stadium before the game against the Mariners. This is Wolff’s second Guinness World Records He was recognized for the longest career as a sportscaster March 21, 2012.

Along with his Guinness World Records recognition, Wolff has also received many other honors, ranging from being one of two broadcasters (with Curt Gowdy) to be enshrined in both the National Basketball and National Baseball Halls of Fame to his induction into the Madison Square Garden Walk of Fame. Wolff also received a TV Ace Award and multiple Emmy Awards for his on-camera work.

Wolff, 93, is in his 75th year as a broadcaster and his 28th year at News 12 Long Island. His career began Oct. 23, 1939 on WDNC, a CBS radio station in Durham, N.C., while was attending Duke University. Bob later branched into television and cable. Before his current run on News 12, Wolff had been seen and heard on Madison Square Garden programming for 59 years. His 50th year at the Garden was saluted with a special “Bob Wolff’s Golden Garden Anniversary.”

The New York native is renowned for his knack of coming up with appealing content and for his ability to ad lib in news stories. Along with his sense of humor and engaging interviews, Wolff has the talent to entertain in offbeat ways such as when he was the host and commentator at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, which he enlivened with his singing and “dog show lyrics.”

Wolff called two of the greatest sports events in Yankee Stadium history – Don Larsen’s perfect game in the 1956 World Series and the Baltimore Colts’ overtime victory over the football Giants in the 1958 National Football League Championship game, which became known as “the greatest football game ever played.”

He also handled the television play-by-play for both championship seasons for the Knicks (1969-70 and 1972-1973) and called two of Mickey Mantle’s longest home runs, including the famed “rising shot” at Yankee Stadium that crashed into the old Stadium’s façade.

On a national level, Wolff is the only broadcaster to handle play-by-play in the championships of all four major professional sports: the World Series, the NFL Championship, the NBA Finals and the Stanley Cup Finals.

“Bob Wolff is a true broadcasting pioneer,” Guinness World Records official Mike Janela said. “His career embodies longevity and versatility, and we’re honored to recognize this special achievement in the Bronx, where he called some of his most amazing moments.”

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