Granderson treated politely at Stadium

Yankees fans apparently were not as bothered about Curtis Granderson signing with the Mets as they were about Robinson Cano signing with the Mariners.

In his first game back at Yankee Stadium Monday night, Granderson received polite applause along with some booing during his first at-bat in the first inning. Curtis made a waving gesture toward the Yanks’ dugout as he approached the plate and promptly lined a single to center field off Hiroki Kuroda.

The reception was a far cry from what Cano experienced last month in his return to the Stadium wearing an opponent’s uniform. He was the target of severe booing throughout the abbreviated, two-game series.

The difference in reaction is probably due to off-season negotiations. The Yankees made a qualifying offer to Granderson for one year and $14.1 million and understood that he might seek a multi-year contract elsewhere, which he got from the Mets for four years and $60 million.

Cano on the other hand rejected a seven-year offer for $175 million from the Yankees that was certainly generous and accepted a 10-year deal for $240 million from Seattle that was certainly exorbitant.

I guess it was that $180-million difference that figured into the fans’ response.

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