High school play nets 2 runs for Yanks

So desperate have the Yankees been to score runs that they resorted to the old high school play in the second inning Monday night at Baltimore and came away with two runs off it, thanks to some wild throws by the Orioles.

Martin Prado was at the plate with runners on first and third and one out when the Yankees went into motion. It is possible that Prado or Chase Headley, the runner at first base, may have even missed a sign. Both are relatively new to the club, after all.

Headley broke for second base and stopped midway up the line as catcher Caleb Joseph threw to the bag. As Headley retreated toward first base, Carlos Beltran broke from third for home and scored after third baseman Manny Machado’s relay to the plate struck Beltan’s helmet.

Headley went all the way to third on that error and was able to score on pitcher Bud Norris’ errant flip. On that one broken play, the Yankees scored more runs than they did in the two games combined Saturday and Sunday against the Indians at Yankee Stadium.

The Orioles closed to 3-2 in the third on a two-out, RBI single by Adam Jones that followed a tough loss for Baltimore. Machado had to be carried off the field after he hurt his knee in the at-bat prior to Jones. Machado fell in the batter’s box and grabbed his right knee after hitting a bat-shattering ground ball to shortstop. Machado was out for half of the 2013 season because of knee surgery on his left knee.

Machado had been hot lately. He doubled and eventually scored in the first inning on a sacrifice fly by Nelson Cruz and was 8-for-16 (.500) in the current homestand. This could be a deep wound for the Orioles.

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