Teixeira crosses up shift for RBI in 4th straight game

Defensive shifts are designed to steal hits, but sometimes they can backfire. That was the case for the Yankees in the first inning Tuesday night at Detroit. Mark Teixeira crossed up the Tigers’ defense, and the Yankees got a run out of it.

Tex came to the plate batting right-handed against lefthander Kyle Lobstein with two out and Brett Gardner on first base. The Tigers were over-shifted to the left side, including the outfielders, who shaded him well to the left.

Teixeira jumped on a high fastball and punched to right field. With right fielder J.D. Martinez stationed in right-center, he had a ways to go to retrieve the ball, which allowed the speedy Gardner to score all the way from first base.

Teixeira has an RBI in four straight games and nine of his past 11. He is one of three major-league hitters with an RBI in at least nine games, along with the Royals’ Salvador Perez and the Mets’ Travis d’Arnaud, who just went on the disabled list. The previous Yankees hitter with at least one RBI in at least eight-or-more of the club’s first 13 games was Derek Jeter (eight games) in 2012. Eight of Teixeira’s nine hits have been for extra bases (four doubles, four home runs).

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