Yanks’ lineup leaning left at Fenway Park

Red Sox fans dying to boo Alex Rodriguez out of Boston will have to wait until late in the game Friday night if Yankees manager Joe Girardi should use A-Rod as a pinch hitter.

The skipper rolled out an all-left-handed batting order against Red Sox righthander Justin Masterson for the opener of a three-game series at Fenway Park. Girardi decided to use Garrett Jones as the DH over Rodriguez, who bats right-handed and has two hits in his past 17 at-bats, a .118 stretch that has lowered his season batting average to .232.

Switch hitters Mark Teixeira, Carlos Beltran and Chase Headley will be batting from the left side along with teammates Jacoby Ellsbury, Brett Gardner, Brian McCann, Stephen Drew, Didi Gregorius and Jones. Even the Yankees’ starting pitcher, CC Sabathia, is left-handed, although he will not bat.

The computer got Rodriguez. Left-handed batters are hitting .275 in 51 at-bats against Masterson while righties are hitting .194 in 36 at-bats off him. Rodriguez is a career .250 hitter (3-for-12) with three strikeouts against Masterson.

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