Four Yankees fans nominated for MLB Fan of the Year

Voting beqan today for the new MLB Fans of the Year presented by Esurance. Four Yankees fans have been nominated for the inaugural award and the winner will be decided by their fellow fans over the next week. The nominees:

Michael LaPayower
Collin Berg
Mark Gordon
Victor Miloscio

Fans may cast their vote for the MLB Fans of the Year by visiting from Sept. 13-19. Once on the website, fans can choose among the four Fan of the Year nominees per club. Fans’ votes will be cast via posts on Twitter by including a desired nominee’s unique hashtag.

Voting percentages will be available throughout the voting period showing in real time where each nominee stands. Fans can vote as many times as they want throughout the course of the voting period and the nominee with the most hashtag uses will be declared the winning Fan of the Year for their club. Each winner will be part of the inaugural class of MLB Fans of the Year.

The MLB Fan of the Year award launches the start of the Esurance MLB Awards season. Voting on the remaining award categories begins Sept. 19 and runs through Nov. 11 when the winners will be announced via an MLB Network telecast from 8-9 p.m. Nov. 18.

The all-digital awards experience includes an awards website that also serves as a content hub, discussion forum and voting platform for fans to engage with each other throughout the final weeks of the MLB season and postseason.

Below is a list of this year’s Esurance MLB Awards categories.

Best Major Leaguer
Best Hitter
Best Pitcher
Best Rookie
Best Defensive Player
Best Social Media Personality
Best Play, Offense
Best Play, Defense
Best Moment
Best Performance
Best Social Media Post
Best Fan Catch
Best MLB Interview
Best Call, TV/Radio
Best Player-Fan Interaction
Best Trending Topic
Best Manager
Best Executive
Best Major Leaguer, Postseason

Esurance is in its second year of a multi-year partnership with MLB as the exclusive auto insurance partner for the league and is the title sponsor of the Esurance MLB Awards and the all-digital Esurance MLB All-Star Game Ballot.


This is regarding the fan of the year voting. Something doesn’t make sense. I was monitoring the percentage of votes and reloading it every couple of hours. And then all of a sudden one individual jumped over 30 percentage points. I checked Twitter and he hasn’t had many votes that would cause the spike. Do you know who I can contact??


Contact Mike Teevan at 212-931-7879. He is a Vice President for communications at Major League Baseball.


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