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Moreland showed mojo vs. Mo

Of all the players I have watched in this post-season who I did not know much about, the one who has impressed me most is Mitch Moreland, who shot the Rangers into a 3-0 lead in Game 3 of the World Series with a home run off Jonathan Sanchez in the second inning.

I liked the way Moreland hung in there against Mariano Rivera in Game 1 of the American League Championship Series. Moreland was sent up as a pinch hitter in the ninth inning of that game after the Yankees had rallied for five runs in the eighth inning to take the lead. I made a notation to keep an eye on this guy when Moreland lined a single to right-center off a reliever who has made his reputation embarrassing left-handed hitters.

Moreland got another hit off Mo in Game 5 and hit a smoking liner off him that was caught for an out in Game 6. I liked Moreland’s approach in each of those at-bats and couldn’t believe it when I learned that the Rangers once tried to talk this guy into giving it up as a position player and switch to pitching. Someone who showed so much savvy in the batter’s box had potential as a big-league hitter, in my view.

So I watched closely again Saturday night as Moreland dueled Sanchez, showing a good eye on balls off the plate and fouling off several close offerings in a nine-pitch at-bat that was climaxed by teeing off on a 89-mph fastball that had “crush me” written underneath Bud Selig’s signature.

On a night when the Rangers were in the position of the volunteers at the Alamo against a Giants team that has been as dominant in the Series as Santa Ana’s forces, Moreland got off a Davy Crockett blow. The only surprise to me is why this guy is still batting ninth.